Good Night, Great Morning!


Research shows that how we fall asleep if most likely how we will wake up in the morning. With this gentle guided meditation you can fall asleep reflecting on the postives of today so you can start tomorrow off in a great mood.



“Good Night, Great Morning” was designed uniquely to help you go to sleep gently and easily and wake up after a full and restful nights sleep. In this guided meditation you will have the chance to think about all of the wonderful things that happened duruing the day and fully appreciate them. Studies* show that there are a few things that we know can increass happiness immediately and long term too:
– a good nights sleep
– appreciation
– focusing on the positive
“Good Night, Great Morning” helps you do all three of these things each night! Every time you listen, your degree of happiness will continue to increase AND… your happiness will continue to increase even if you stop listening. Give youreself the beautiful give of happiness and a peaceful nights sleep.





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