30 Days to Stress Free


“The tools I learned in this program brought my stress level down 110%!”

In this 30 day program, you will learn tools to handle the day to day stresses of a busy life. With a weekly guided live meditation and daily emails, you will be able to handle any of life’s details.


Whether we like it or not, life is stressful. Now you can learn to live your life like yo feel when your on vacation! You don’t have to run away to a tropical island unless your want to. During this 30 day program, you will learn how to actually enjoy your day to day life. We will kick things off on Tuesday. Each Tuesday we will will have a live weekly meditation and chat with tools you can use throughout the week to help you stay calm and stress free. If you miss the live meditation, it ok because a recording will be available for replay. You will also get a daily email reminder and affirmation so if you haven’t already, reserve you space today


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