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“Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie.”



~ Oprah Winfrey

Welcome to the opposite of control . . . trust.

If you haven’t read it already, I strongly suggest you go back and read the last post about control. This post is part 4 in our study on duality. Remember that duality quite literally means, ‘having two parts, often with opposite meanings”, like the duality of up and down. When one exists then the equal and opposite automatically has to exist. Oftentimes, we tend to label these opposites as “good” and “bad” but today I would like to challenge that belief.

I believe that both sides have value and both can help us on our journey.

First, let’s start by addressing why trust is the opposite of control. When I think of control, I think about holding something tight or supervision. My body literally closes up like a hug. When you are trying to control something or someone, you usually closely monitor and direct that thing or person (or attempting to to the degree they will allow). When we think of the opposite of that type of control, I think of allowing. Literally my arms open up. When we are allowing something there is usually a trust that comes along with that allowing.

Last week we talked about kids and how they need and want structure or control. At some point though, they start to crave their freedom and independence. Sometimes that shows itself as “rebellious” teenagers and sometimes it shows itself as trust. We can trust our teen to go to a party or we can control them (by not allowing it) and they will probably sneak out and go anyways.

Webster says trust is the “believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of” something or someone. We can go on to say that control is not believing in the “reliability, truth, ability, or strength” in that same thing. Opposite yet the same.

Last week we also talked about control and about who and what to control. We concluded that we can only control ourselves so it stands to reason that if trust is the opposite of control, we can and should only trust ourselves.  Now let’s read this again-

“Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie.”

We are the only ones that know what is right for us. Sure we can listen to others’ advice and suggestions and at the end of the day, the decisions are ours to make.

I believe that there is a greater part of “us”. Some may call it ‘God’ or ‘universe’ but whatever name you attach to ‘it’, it is the part of each and every one of us that is pure light.

Early in my Buddhim practice, my teacher asked me “Who are you”? The first response is usually something like “I’m and mother and writer” or “My name is _________ and this is my family.” but that still doesn’t explain who you really are. When we take away our name, race, occupation, and family, are you still you? Of course you are so let’s ask again. Who are you?

You are this amazing spark of creativity and love that is uniquely you. You are beautiful and amazing and perfect just as you are! That is your guide. That is your instinct and your intuition and it will never steer you down the wrong path.

There is a time for control. There is a time to control ourselves and our thoughts and yes… there is a time to trust.

Today, check in with you. Where is control of you needed, where and when can we trust?  What is that amazing spark that is uniquely you and what is it trying to tell you, what has it been trying to tell you? Where can you trust you?

In Love and Light,

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