This past weekend I was teaching my childbirth class and one of the first things we talk about is mindset. Now I can just hear you admonishing me that your not pregnant and don’t plan on being there ever again. Just relax for a second. And now you are wondering why on earth do you talk about mindset in a childbirth class?

Well my love, because in order to get anything we really want, we have to start in our minds!

We talk about how to reach your goals. Step 1 is to KNOW what you want because how can you get to where you want to go if you don’t really know where that is! In my childbirth classes, most of my clients/students have a general goal for their birth. Throughout the class we explore all of the options they may or may not have even known about. 

This quote is obviously talking about abundance. Most people will say something like “i want more money”.

Ok… Great… Now what?

Today, my challenge to you is to fantasize. Get creative! First figure out what abundance looks like to you? In my classes we explore the idea of an “ideal birth” and what that means to each person. So first figure out what abundance looks like to you. Then you can start to think about what you would do with that abundance. so today… fantasize!


Enjoy the journey, 

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