“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” 


~ Tony Robbins

In our last post, we talked about constructing your future. Today, lets talk about experience. Experience is one of those words that can be used as a noun or a verb. I’m referring to the verb form and the definition as a verb means “to have” “the noun”.

Ok, so that was a lot of grammar so heres the easy version. To experience something means ‘to do’ something or ‘be involved’ in something. So when we talk about experiencing life, it means to actually take part in the stuff you have constructed. 

First we have to construct what we want in our minds. (Just use your imagination to build the life you want.) Then we hold that in our minds. (Keep thinking those thoughts.) It is a universal law that when we do those 2 things, we will then experience what we just created in our mind!

Everything is energy.

Energy is not bias. It is not ‘good or bad’ or ‘right or wrong’.

Energy does not judge. 

It just is. 

So if we hold a consistent thought, we will eventually experience it. This can be something we perceive as ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ and the law will always apply. The cool part is you can absolutely control your thoughts so you can direct your life to wherever YOU want to go. 

So today, take a minute and really experience what you have created. Look at the big picture of your life and appreciate all of the wonderful things you have created. And if there are a few ‘not so wonderful’ things, experience those too because you created that to. Sometimes Most of the time amazing things can come from crappy creations (but that’s a conversation for another day). Today, just enjoy the experience. 


In Love and Light, 

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