“If my doctor told me I had only 6 minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I would type a little faster.”


~Isacc Asimov


I love science fiction and Isaac Asimov is an amazing writer. He is best know for books like “I Robot” and “Bicentennial Man”. I found this quote and it totally resonated with me.

One thing that can exponentially add to our enjoyment of life is being creative! Creativity doesn’t have to mean art projects. It can be coming up with a creative solution to a problem or looking at something in a different way. As a parent and a small business owner, I believe that creativity is at the heart of being the best that I can be. 

When we have a challenge in our life, sometimes all it takes is to look at the situation differently. When we change our perspective, then we can see different solutions. We can use our creativity to find new things that will work beautifully. 

But creativity takes practice. Our brains are muscles and we must treat them as such. If we want to be creative then we have to practice creating.  If we want to be able to look at a parenting problem or a business issue differently, we have to practice that skill elsewhere first. 

So today, what is one area of your life where you can be more creative? Can you tie your shoe a different way or take a different way home from work? Maybe you just need to sing or dance a little? When we change things up from our “normal”, we are teaching our brains to look at things differently which helps us create is ALL areas of our life. We dont know how much time we have left on this earth so let’s enjoy it! What can you do today to create and make life just a little bit more enjoyable?


In Love and Light,

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