“You can begin to shape your own destiny by the attitudes you keep.” 


~ Michael Beckwith


I love legos! But I believe I’ve had to develop this relationship because I have a 14 year old boy who has loved legos since at least the age of 6. And I still love legos because you can construct and create SO MANY THINGS!

There are many quotes or saying that go along with this concept. The one I usually fall back on is “thoughts become things” which is so true.

Today I had a conversation with said 14 year old boy who was feeling quite down on himself. He felt stupid and unworthy (which he is neither). So we talked a bit and as I have told him many time over the last 14 years, the only thing he can really control is his thoughts. He decided to argue my point. He said we can also control our actions. (Did I mention he’s smart?) So I responded “yes, you are totally correct and… what do you think dictated our actions?” 


Our thoughts become the basis for who we are. Our thoughts dictate how we feel and the actions we take or don’t take. So isn’t it amazing that we can actually control our own thoughts?!? In psychology this is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but you don’t have to be a therapists to understand the concept. 

If we have the thought that we are stupid (for example), our actions and our emotions will go to support that belief. We won’t read a new book because we don’t think we could understand it. Then we feel stupid because we couldn’t understand the book. But we never picked it up in the first place! 

All we have to do is to shift that original thought and we have a very different view of the world. 

Regardless of what attitudes you keep, you will shape your future with those thoughts. So today, think about what you want your future to look like. Construct your future in your mind first and then adapt the attitude to support that future. What can you build today?


In Love and Light,

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