“Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open.”




~ James Broughton

Welcome back to our continued study in duality. We’ve already talked about “success and failure” and “trust vs control”. Today we will start the conversation of being unique vs being united.

The other day I was having a conversation with a client who had just recently been through a divorce. He was doing good after everything was finalized and he came to me because he didn’t know who he was. He was looking for a bit of clarity. The conversation reminded me of one I had with my Buddhist monk meditation teacher.

He started the conversation with a question, “Who are you?”

There were several people in the class who spoke up with answers like “I’m a mother/father”, ‘I’m a specific gender or race”, or ‘this is my occupation’.

The next question he asked was, “Without that part of you, are you still you?” The room became very quiet… then… “yes, I would still be me if I wern’t a mother or a woman or ______________________.” What I do or who I’m related to, or even my occupation does not define who I am. They are all layers that sit on top of the essence of what is truly and uniquely me.

The question was asked again. “Who are you?” and once again, the room became very quiet.

You are a perfectly created spark of pure love and energy. You are uniquely you, someone who is not defined by the things or the people around you but someone who creates the world around them to support the spark that is within. Sometimes the world outside of that spark can be influenced by other people and events but that spark always remains the same.  Because of those outside influences we can get confused or lost. We can lose sight of that inner part of us that is unique and pure but it’s always there. Sometimes that is the contrast that we need to find the clarity we desire.

Through that lens, lets revisit our quote for the day. “Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open.” I don’t know about you but when I read that, it strikes me to my core.

Trusting your individual uniqueness…” YES! and OMG what?!? The first part is to understand what our individual uniqueness is.  It’s not something that we can put a name to or even point to in our physical bodies. It doesn’t live in our hearts or our heads or even our hands. It is the essence of who we are. It is complex and simple all at the same time. Once we acknowledge it, then we must trust it! That individual uniqueness is the truest part of each and every one of us and to trust that spark is what I believe is meant when we say “be true to you”.

“…challenges you to lay yourself open.” Oh my goodness YES! Once we acknowledge that the ‘spark’ is there and it’s a thing, and then we trust it, how can we not share it?!?  Once we share it, we open ourselves up, which can feel extremely vulnerable. Yet once we share that spark that is uniquely us, we find a level of connect and unity that we could never reach without that openness.

Today, be unique! Sit with you and find that spark that is uniquely you. Play with what it feels like to strip away all of the things in your life that you feel define you so you can find that beautiful perfection that is uniquely you. Then share your spark with the world!


In Love and Light,

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