I’m so excited about 2020! It’s a new year and I’ve created a NEW planner!. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you can download your free copy here. So why am I so excited you ask? Well because I finally feel like I’m getting my stuff together and I want to help you get your stuff together too!

2020 yearly plannerI know that I’ve bought so many planners and calendars and notebooks and they all sit untouched in the corner.Sad and lonely. Reminding me of how I’ve failed yet again. Over the years I’ve developed a few things that really work for me. When I bought a planner, I was trying to make my system fit into someone else’s mold. In this planner, I’ve taken a culmination of all of those things that work for me and made them versatile.

The cool part is that these techniques that have been working for me are now being validated.

The other day I was at the library with my kids and randomly picked up a book called “Eat the Frog” by Brian Tracy. I know that it sounds disgusting but hear me out. In the book he talks about his principles for time management and basically creating a “successful” life. The first principal is to “set the stage”. On the cover on my planner I’ve included a quote that I’ve recently been saying. “If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you get there.”  This planner takes a top down approach by starting with your “Bucket List” goals. One of the hardest things you will ever do is to figure out what you want. And you are the only one that can do that. This “Bucket List” isn’t supposed to be a ‘once and done’ list but rather an ever growing and changing target.

Brian Tracy’s second principal is to plan every day in advance and have a plan. How many times have you started working without a really plan. Then you get side tracked with ‘important stuff’ just to end the day feeling like you got nothing accomplished. It’s because you didn’t have a plan and you let other people decide what was important for you that probably didn’t line up with what you wanted to do for that day. Make lists and check things off. It’s makes our brains happy. In this planner, you decide what you want and then break it down into actionable and doable steps.

I’m still working my way through the book so I’ll share more as I find it.

And if that wasn’t enough validation, I found something else. As I was scrolling through facebook, I saw an article titled “25 tiny habit changes that will make you a different person in a year from now.” Usually I don’t put much stock in these but I was bored so I clicked. The second thing on the list was “Write down your goals at the start of each week and month”! This is exactly why I created the planner, so you could write down your goals!

Toward the bottom of the list there is another point that resonates. “Make every decision, ever little choice, based on your to be a person of integrity.” One of the pages I included in the planner is “What I want to be remembered for”. This page is easy to overlook and honestly, I’m struggling with filling it out and… it’s important. Just like our bucket list goals help guide us in the directions we want to go, this page can help steer us emotionally. If I want to be remembered as a kind and loving person, I want my day to day interaction to reflect that. There’s a lot of power in writing it down.

So if you havent apready, download your free planner today. And it’s ok if you dont’ start on January 1! Just start. Now! And then you can join me in my private facebook group so we can all grow together.


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